"We asked Laurie to help us with our young dog, Duncan, who is a very exuberant chocolate lab.  We especially needed help with stopping him from jumping on people when he greeted them. Laurie immediately identified this as an inability to control his impulses, particularly when he is excited.  Ironically, as Laurie became one of Duncan’s very favourite people, his desire to jump up on her was stronger than for any other person! In addition to giving us useful techniques for curbing and redirecting this behaviour, Laurie demonstrated endless patience with us and with Duncan as we all learned together.  Laurie’s love and concern for the welfare of dogs comes through with everything she says and does."

 Shirley Dyck and John Day  




" I've said this before but I have to say it again, thank you so much for helping us with Cashew. We love our dog and knew it would be a ton of work to raise a puppy with a baby around and we couldn't have done it without your help."
 Mireille, Dan, Cashew & Ania


My family wishes to extend you a heartfelt thank you for helping training both my very active, social, high energy, working category Portuguese Water Dogs. As a student participating in your dog training classes and as a personal client, I can attest that your technical and behavioral competencies as a professional dog trainer are outstanding. You never cease to provide the support, advice and guidance that dog handlers like me need, to raise great canine citizens.   Regardless of private or classroom sessions, your friendly, cheerful, courteous manner and love for all dogs makes training fun for both the handler and the dog. I have had only positive experiences dealing with you. As an example of how you go beyond the call of duty, during agility class, it was very obvious to me and the other participants that you possess really good knowledge of all dog breeds from sporting, hound, working, toy, terrier and herding dog groups.  Participants and their dogs felt at ease because you were conscientious of what training approach would work best for individuals and for the greater group. You satisfied the needs of the entire class! You offer timely, clear and effective information, explain rationale behind your training techniques, follow up on progress, provide constructive feedback and you take personal pride in being able to help dogs achieve their best behavior possible."
Laflamme Family